“The Umbrella Academy: Season 2”: One-Sentence Review

Gerard Way’s and Gabriel Bá’s The Umbrella Academy is back with more fantastic musical covers and another entertaining, world-saving, time-traveling, even if it’s gotten a little redundant, adventure.

9 out of 12 Tamales

“Ultimate Tag”: One-Sentence Review

The scoring system needs tweaking, segments are poorly edited or cut almost entirely, yet the straight out of Nintendo’s Punch Out taggers, plus the Watt brothers’ likable commentary bring enough to Ultimate Tag to make it a gameshow worth chasing.

7.5 out of 12 Tamales

“The Titan Games”: One-Sentence Review

Well-executed challenges and the right amount of humanity, humility and grit from competitors are rounded out further by Dwayne Johnson’s and co-hosts Cari Johnson and Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez’s motivational input.

10 out of 12 Tamales

“Hamilton”: One-Sentence Review

Hamilton brings home the front-row: the catching tunes, the compelling story, and the melting pot of complexity—all in a two and a half hour revisionist, historical musical full of passion and soul.

12 out of 12 Tamales

“Unsolved Mysteries (2020)”: One-Sentence Review

A sorely missed Robert Stack doesn’t prevent this Netflix rendition of Unsolved Mysteries from matching its 80s/90s counterpart’s spine-tingling creepiness.

10 out of 12 Tamales