“Only Murders in the Building”: One-Sentence Review

Only Murders in the Building, or the Martin and Martin Show, is charmingly old-fashioned, a whodunnit that marches to the beat of Steve and Short—with Selena Gomez orchestrating.

10 out of 12 Tamales

“Halloween Kills”: One-Sentence Review

Never lacking in the dummy-had-it-coming scenes, Halloween Kills buries the rules and the sense, if there ever was any, and has some fun with the Michael Myers mythology.

7 out of 12 Tamales

“Ted Lasso: Season Two”: One-Sentence Review

“Ted Lasso” might cross the pond into American soap opera territory; irregardless, it scores another winning season.

9 out of 12 Tamales

“Reservation Dogs”: One-Sentence Review

Indigenous genius at work, Reservation Dogs is comedic coolness incarnate, one of 2021’s best new shows.

10.5 out of 12 Tamales

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage”: One-Sentence Review

The riotous rapport between Carnage’s Tom Hardy and his very CGI “co-star” brings the fun, even if it falls a little short of its predecessor.

7 out of 12 Tamales

“The White Lotus”: One-Sentence Review

Serving its comedy jet black—and brimming to the lip—The White Lotus exceeds at dishing out comedic malaise and malice.

10.5 out of 12 Tamales

“What We Do in the Shadows: Season Two”: One-Sentence Review

Remarkably, What We Do in the Shadows builds on its previous season’s chemistry, sinking its fangs further into everything that works, while creating moments of comedic genius along the way—Jackie Daytona anyone?

11 out of 12 Tamales

“What We Do in the Shadows: Season One”: One-Sentence Review

Rarely does a cast so succinctly and instinctively embody their characters than in FX’s What We Do in the Shadows, a series that lives up to and livens up the film its based on.

10 out of 12 Tamales