“Elvis”: One-Sentence Review

When the spotlight’s fully on Austin Butler’s Elvis, Baz Luhrmann’s film shines and electrifies—but when it’s not—the chaotic, off-key plot almost steals and ruins the show.

7.5 out of 12 Tamales

“Jurassic World: Dominion”: One-Sentence Review

Team I’m Only Here for the Dinos will undoubtedly enjoy some of this nearly 30-year-old franchise’s best dino-centric scenes; however, Team Logic and Plot might wish for this series’s extinction.

7 out of 12 Tamales

“Abbott Elementary: Season One”: One-Sentence Review

The authenticity, with only mild hyperbole, of the American classroom has never been encapsulated quite as well as in ABC’s ferociously funny and big-hearted Abbott Elementary.

11 out of 12 Tamales